As we all know, COVID-19 still exists, and the risk of pandemics is very high. Therefore, you can witness that your health is our priority. Similarly, we pay utmost attention to the health and safety of our staff.

To keep you, your family members, and our staff members safe and healthy, we strictly adhere to the advice from the federal and state governments and request you to refresh your familiarity with COVID guidelines.

The home care nurses of Trusted Care Australia take all necessary precautions and prepare well as per the government guidelines to ensure your maximum safety while visiting you. 

Our disability service staff wears all personal protective equipment, including masks, gloves, gowns, face shields and eyewear and strictly follow all the guidelines issued by Australia’s Chief Medical Officer.

Take extra care of yourself

You should regularly follow your home care and health care schedule. This helps provide you with maximum safeguards against pandemics. Keep in touch with your doctor in case of any health-related difficulties until you feel entirely safe from COVID-19.

Protect Yourself Against Potential Risk of COVID-19

  • Covering your mouth with an elbow or tissue while coughing or sneezing
  • Dispose of these tissues immediately and wash your hands thoroughly
  • Wash your hands before and after eating and visiting the toilet, and outing
  • Always use alcohol-based hand sanitisers (60% alcohol)
  • Regularly clean and disinfect the used surfaces and objects
  • Stay home and avoid physical contact unless you need care or assistance
  • Avoid travelling unless it is essential
  • Allow medical supplies, groceries and food home delivered 
  • Maintain at least 1.5 metres of distance while being out

Trusted Care Australia's Action Against

We wholeheartedly supported the Australian Government’s Covid-19 vaccination program and recommended vaccination for all aged care residents and young adults. We highly recommend vaccination for all frontline workers, such as nurses, allied health workers and other paramedics. In addition, we are working with the Public Health Unit to deliver COVID-19 Vaccine boosters for all of our Aged Care Residents.

We have ensured that all our staff members are fully vaccinated and trained to handle emergencies.