Your Support System to Do as You Desire

While achieving life goals, safety and security come first. Disability care staff at Trusted Care Australia is trained and qualified to provide virtuous and valuable support to help you do what you desire. Our disability care program includes travel support, psychosocial support, enteral feeding, Stoma care,  critical wound care and household tasks to assist you in carrying out personal activities.

Ours are registered nurses who are compassionate towards people with special abilities and explore NDIS participants’ skills & hobbies to build a strong personal bond. Community engagement is the essential pillar of our personal nursing service, which helps you interact with and participate in various community activities through various life skills.

What to Expect

We meet all the crucial needs of NDIS participants.

Equality and inclusivity are core to the disability service staff at Trusted Care Australia. Exploring your hidden abilities to develop your potential to help you achieve your life goals is central to our nursing service at home.

Our Vision

Trusted Care Australia is destined to conquer disability with care. Our vision is to witness every NDIS participant and people with disability, in general, come in flying colours each time they engage with our disability support staff.

Our proactive approach is to develop unique and holistic, human-centred, meticulously defined disability care practices for every individual to benefit.

Our Mission

Trusted Care Australia has a lifelong mission of upholding the dignity of every individual, especially the people with disability and the community in general, by enhancing access to quality healthcare to help them live a joyous and prosperous life. Trusted Care Australia is home to caring and compassionate professional disability service staff who aim to provide disability care and personalised support to empower NDIS participants in achieving their life goals.

Core Values

  • Admiration

We admire those specially-abled people for their courage to lead a successful life despite difficulties.


  • Conviction

We are confident of our ability to make an oceanic difference in the life of specially-abled people and the community at large.

  • Dedication

We are committed to working professionally and tirelessly to bring maximum ease and comfort to people with disability.


  • Compassion

We always back our professionalism with empathy and compassion to provide optimum comfort and joys of life to people with disability. 

  • Futuristic

We vow to bring in the latest technology and practices to keep on building an enabled world for disabled people.


  • Teamwork

We believe in the unique capabilities of individuals and believe in building a team that delivers cumulative and concrete results.

Our Approach

Defying the Disability

Defying the Disability is at the heart of Trusted Care Australia. It guides everything we do. It’s how we deliver disability care services.

Today, we’re one of Australia’s brightest and rapidly growing disability service providers, supporting hundreds of people with complex cognitive, physical, and multiple disabilities.

Our incredible team of people includes specialists in communication and positive behavior support, dedicated to working in partnership with you.

We know the NDIS and have supported people to successfully move to this new system since it began in 2013.

From psychological therapies to household work support and daily activity support to critical care support, our disability-centric services shape new hope, build a new oasis, and assist in achieving life goals.

Trusted Care Australia has been actively involved with research on health and wellbeing as well as the latest technology to come out with solutions that deliver positive results.

Why Choose Us

Trusted Care Australia is dedicated to being as accurate as possible when matching the skill sets of our staff to support the specific needs of individuals. All of our staff members are interviewed to match the appropriate skill sets to provide tailored care to the individual.

Free Advanced Counseling

Our in-house team of experts always welcomes any needs for help. Consult with our in-house doctors, psychologists, therapists, and caregivers to get the best disability support assistance.

Personalised Attention

Your cheerful face exhilarating with laughter is what we work for. Thus, we are able to tailor our disability care services for each individual at a personalised level comprehending your moods, likes, habits and lifestyle.


Supporting your independent living is core to our mission. Our home care nurses focus on building bonds with compassion to build a motivating atmosphere where your comfort and convenience remain the center.


Our nursing care plan is a testament to our excellence in employing the most advanced therapies and the latest technology enveloped in professional competence to provide high intensity and critical care to people with disabilities.

Bouyant Oasis

Without benevolence, there can not have buoyance. Our professionalism, technology, expertise, and knowledge are characteristics of our “never say die” nature. At Trusted Care Australia, everyone is confident and optimistic, which brings results.

Around the Clock Care

Dial our numbers at dawn or dusk; our comprehensive disability care program will be ready to provide immediate and emergency support with our home care nurses attending to your needs promptly and proactively.

Message from Director

” Trusted Care Australia was founded by registered nurses with extensive experience in nursing.  The purpose behind TCA was to provide quality care to support and empower individuals to meet their personal needs and goals. In addition, our organisation is committed to supporting community inclusion for our participants to support all individuals’ varied interests and abilities. TCA uses a collaborative approach by involving you and the significant people in your life in planning and delivering care. We aim to be the best disability service provider by ensuring you get the best out of your NDIS funds. In addition, we ensure you have the choice and control in your care. “